Julian Williams On His Role In The Anticipated Stage Play 'Soul Purpose'

Julian Williams

Julian Williams

Soul Purpose is set to be a hit on the stage in Dallas, Texas, from April 27 to April 29 at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Inc.

SOUL PURPOSE tells a story of five strong and powerful African-American women from different walks of life that, through an unexpected sisterhood, they develop an unbreakable spiritual bond. Their heartfelt journeys and purpose, while all different, find that they are traveling in the same direction. They all discover that it’s not their struggles that define them, but how they overcome.

The play is presented by Williamson Media group, and written and directed by Chericia Curtis.

Today’s Purpose Man sat down with a few of the male cast members  to get insight on their experience of being a part of the play.

Q: What does SOUL PURPOSE mean to you and what was it that made you want to audition to be a part of the SOUL PURPOSE stage play? 

Julian:  To me, Soul Purpose is your destiny. We were all fearfully and wonderfully made with a very distinct purpose. It is recognizing the gifts that God has blessed us with and walking upright in that purpose, allowing God’s light to shine through us to remind people who may lose sight from time to time that God is very much alive and real. He said that He would never leave nor forsake us and that we must continue to show His love to everyone we encounter.

I was initially attracted to this audition for two reasons. The first reason is that I am familiar with the work of TK Henderson as I was in another production that she wrote entitled Watch Night. She is a talented writer, and I thoroughly enjoy her writings. The second reason is because I am a firm believer that my gift for performing Arts is my Soul Purpose and what a better way to honor him for these gifts by being a part of a productions that helps others recognize their Soul’s Purpose.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your character.

Julian: Levi is a mess. He is a well-groomed narcissistic womanizer. Because of his career, financial achievements, and dashing good looks, he has developed a sense of entitlement over the years that has made him blind to his own flaws. Levi is a godless man who struggles with being told no. He will definitely cut deep, you will have to come to the show to see just how deep.

Q: What’s rehearsal like for you?

Julian: Rehearsals are filled with so much fun, love, and encouragement that it’s mind-blowing. The Soul Purpose cast and production team have really grown into a family. We are always willing to pray with one another and provide encouragement when needed. God is ever-present during each and every one of our rehearsals.

Q: Is there anything about your character you personally can relate to?

Julian: Sadly, yes. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and I can honestly say that I have walked that line a few times over the years. I don’t think I’m as bad as Levi, but I’ve come close, and if you ask my family and friends, they would say it’s debatable.

Q: What message are you hoping your character will send to the audience?

Julian: I hope the women who relate to the character Brooklyn understands and values their worth. It is not in the hands or eyes of a man. I believe James Brown said it best that, this is a Man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman. Women are God’s gift to men, and they have to realize they are wonderfully and beautifully made. Never allow a man to diminish you and know that searching for superficial traits in a man will leave you with a heart of pain and regret. Walk upright and carry yourselves with God’s love and light and their Boaz will surely come to them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be in the audience.

SOUL PURPOSE will be performing at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Inc. at 1309 Canton St, Dallas Texas from April 27 to April 29 at 7 PM daily.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster- www.ticketmaster.com


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