Michael Prince On His Role in The Anticipated Stage Play 'Soul Purpose'

Soul Purpose is set to be a hit on the stage in Dallas, Texas, from April 27 to April 29 at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Inc.

SOUL PURPOSE tells a story of five strong and powerful African-American women from different walks of life that, through an unexpected sisterhood, they develop an unbreakable spiritual bond. Their heartfelt journeys and purpose, while all different, find that they are traveling in the same direction. They all discover that it’s not their struggles that define them, but how they overcome.

The play is presented by Williamson Media group, and written and directed by Chericia Curtis.

Today’s Purpose Man sat down with a few of the male cast members to get insight on their experience of being a part of the play.

Q: What does SOUL PURPOSE mean to you and what was it that made you want to audition to be a part of the SOUL PURPOSE stage play?

Michael: Soul Purpose is growth to me. It is the ability to continually mature into what God wants us to be, which is more like him.

I auditioned because I love theatre and my wife said to me, this would be good for you. I am so glad I did, this play has changed my life in so many ways.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your character.

Michael: My character is Darnell Jones – A pastor in the play. He has the personality of a pastor… A father and husband who’s struggling with the one thing that has buckled him to his knees as a pastor.

Q: What’s rehearsal like for you?

Michael: Rehearsal is addictive. There’s no better addiction than wanting to see what’s going to happen or be said at rehearsal that can change your life. The cast can’t wait to see each other the next rehearsal.

Q: Is there anything about your character you personally can relate to?

Michael: I am my character!

Q: What message are you hoping your character will send to the audience? 

Michael: My character will touch each and every person that has ever struggled with unconditional love and faith in GOD.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be in the audience.

SOUL PURPOSE will be performing at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters Inc. at 1309 Canton St, Dallas Texas from April 27 to April 29 at 7 PM daily.

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster- www.ticketmaster.com


Sherrell Valdezloqui