Russell Williamson Pens Letter To His Younger Self : A Letter To A Warrior

Speaking to his younger self with powerful words of wisdom, Russell talks about the importance of putting God first, family and life lessons. Read the powerful letter below.

Dear Russell,

You won’t believe this, but it’s you writing from almost 30 years in your future. I thought it might be prudent to share some insights with you that I wish I had some three decades ago. I know you are not a man of many words, so let me get right to it.

The number one thing I want you to embrace and firmly secure in your heart, mind, and soul is to put God first and foremost in everything, and I do mean everything that you do now and moving forward. I have learned that God is in everything and is sovereign over everything. Simply put, He is in control of everything. You are a son of God and an heir to all that God possesses. Don’t be deceived by the idea that another person can give you something that you desire because it already belongs to you. Remember, you are the heir to the King of kings.

Second, your family is the most important connection and relationship you have after God. Each family member is a part of who you are, especially your parents. Pause and consider the role your mother has played in your life up to this point in your life. She has shown you the meaning of love, sacrifice, power, and self-discipline. However, she may only be with you for a season, so take every interaction seriously. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be fun because it should be that and more. She has a perspective on the world, and when God blesses her with you, He purposed part of her life to raising a God-fearing, loving, and respected man of God. Show her love, respect, and share time with her. I don’t want to sound harsh, but you won’t always have one another. It’s the circle of life, my friend.

Third, life is not perfect, and no one is perfect, and as great as you are, you are not perfect either. I can guarantee you that you’ll make mistakes and more than one. As long as you have breath in your body, know that it’s not over. Realize that up to this very day, you have survived every bad day. As a young man that knows Jesus, turn to Him and share your shortcoming, ask for forgiveness and direction for the path ahead. Your mistakes are teaching points, and you should embrace the lesson so that you will avoid making the same mistake again.

Lastly, you have been uniquely and wonderfully made by the Lord. He made you with love, so you need to love God and your neighbor just as you love yourself. Loving you is very important. Take time to care for your mental, emotional, physical, and relational well-being.

I wish I were there to walk alongside you because the journey will get rough and sometimes lonely, but you are a warrior and a conqueror. Even when you lose, know that you are still winning. Safe travel my friend.

Love you always,