Selwyn Basil: A Man's Purpose

Over the next few articles we will look in the direction of what is paramount in the life of any man, at any age, at any time.  His purpose.

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

Let’s go back in time.  We saw dad always working hard to provide for his home.  Two, maybe even three jobs he had to make ends meet.  Many times, pops missed out on any function that involved the family.  He more than likely was following suite to what was instilled in him as a young boy as well.  So, what’s the result, a strained family, restless marriage, an absentee present father?  All the above and then some.  I must say this is what he saw as a duty or responsibility, which is correct.  However, it didn’t allow room for him to explore, find, and embody his own true purpose in life.

So how does a man of today not fall into the same cycle?  Let’s use yours truly as the subject of today’s topics.

For me, my purpose was birthed out of failure(s).  In 2014 I was going through a separation and eventual divorce later that year.  Through previous years leading up to that moment, I must admit that I was a bit lost on knowing exactly who I was, where I belonged and where I was headed.

During a time of worship one Sunday, God ministered to me how his forgiveness was given.  The story of Peter’s denial was shown to me so vividly that day. How can we be so committed but when the true test comes, we fail? Ensuing tears followed in a way that had never came from me any time before.  It was one of feeling hurt I delivered and received.  But within it was a tenderness that kept broken me gracefully.

My words thereafter were on the lines of, “Lord, I don’t want another man to go through what I did.  Help me to empower, encourage and strengthen men to become better men, fathers and husbands.”

So, my personal motto is that “I am a man to open the hearts of other men.”  Sharing my story is the vehicle to helping men find themselves.  We have too much a burden to bare without having direction in life, family, marriage, business…etc.

Men, if PURPOSE itself has not found you, I implore you to seek it.  Take inventory of activities you’re involved in.  Look at what impact and value there is within.

We have young men that are counting on us ‘to be’ someone they can follow.

Ask yourself these questions.

1.    Why do I exist?

2.    Who can I help from where I am right now?

3.    Through my success and failures, how can I materialize it into an action plan for impact?

Going back to the definition of purpose, what is the reason something is done or created and its purpose of existence?

I Am My Purpose

I Speak to the very thing I was created to be

That is a man to open the hearts of other men

Victorious I Am

Taller and mightier than any enemy I Am

Lord Speak towards me

That I may prove that good, acceptable and perfect will

Give me direction in my pursuit of purpose

As I return unto you daily

I Am My Purpose

Selwyn Basil


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